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Sleep Studies Album Cover Full-Spread by DarkMechanic
Sleep Studies Album Cover Full-Spread
This was an Album cover job that kind of dissipated eventually, which was unfortunate, as I liked the look of it, barring a panel or two.

The idea was entering a fantasy world while asleep, this focused on the transition.

(One of the pitfalls of being an illustrator is that the general poor pay means taking on a lot of work at once. Usually it just means you're overworked, or produce sub-standard stuff, but in this case it was just the result of bigger projects being extended and this falling by the wayside, until they just stopped answering emails.)
O'Keefe Music Foundation Vinyl Cover by DarkMechanic
O'Keefe Music Foundation Vinyl Cover
Cover illustration for the talented and pretty fucking metal, kids over at O'Keefe Music Foundation. A double release 46&2 and SOBER, both of which are pretty excellent Tool covers.

More about the foundation here -…

And a vid of them performing, for those that are interested -…

Will release an image with the text and appropriate link nearer the time of it's actual release.
I've been an artist by trade alone for nearly 2 years now, before that, I worked nights in a part time job for many, many years and I remember thinking if I would ever 'make it' as an artist. 

Now that I've got myself into a position where I don't need a part-time job to sustain myself, and get work on a semi-regular basis (basically, 'made it' as an artist), I've noticed the next hurdle approaching. This time, it's me not being a very good artist.

It's common to be a bit self-depreciating while in the arts as usually you're your own critic, because if you don't enact some kind of quality control upon yourself, you're in danger of believing that you're a better artist than you actually are, and would never improve. You're all to aware of how your work should have turned out, aware of the time restraints, mistakes and decisions that made your latest job another disappointment. Other people don't see it that way of course, they look at the finished piece and judge it solely on first impressions. But you're still left thinking that you could of done something really good if you had more time, more control.

I'm at a point now where I am trapped in a cycle. Being an artist is hard in it's own way, and thats proving that you're worth something. Art work is often under-valued, both financially and in literally being considered a lesser career choice. Your pay is always the 'flexible' one, you're always last to get paid after the 'real' people have taken their cut.

My other problem is that a lot of the jobs I get are poorly paid, not because the clients are trying to screw me, but because they aren't massive computer game or comic companies, they are small businesses trying to get their small ideas out there.

I need the work, because I have nothing else, so I take it. Because it's poorly paid, I have to take whatever else comes my way while also working on that job. So I've ended up working twice as much for half the money, which eats into any personal time I have. Personal time, as well as socialising, also means time I spend bettering myself as an artist. Learning new techniques, creating actual art rather than working on other peoples ideas, making a name for yourself as being more than an artist for hire.

Now, I'm running out of money and time. I never see anyone. And all what for? I've spent a long time being an artist, but haven't really produced any actual art, haven't really improved, and I'm still pulling in the poorly paid work I used to get back when I had to work part-time. I'm trapped, I can't take time out to sort myself out, because I need money to live. And thats what it comes down to in the end. Money.

I'm not sure what to do. 
  • Mood: Gloomy


Dan Morison
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